Thursday, March 26, 2009

spreadin' the love...

check out little jane's skirt! isn't it just adorable and so perfect. well, it's a lovely gift from holly because i participated in a clever little giveaway on her blog so now i'm required to do the same.

(ps check out holly's etsy shop where she sells these cute skirts!)

this is how it works:

1. you have to be one of the first 3 people to make a comment on this post.

2. i will either give you something special (and delicious) made by me or do something special for you.

3. then it's your turn to serve someone else. you are supposed to do the same giveaway on your blog.

so fun and so easy - lets spread the love!
not taking any more comments. guess nobody else wants to spread the love so i'm adding my mom as the third person who will get something special from me. emma, denice, and mom - check your mailboxes or your doorsteps soon!


for months the boys have been asking if we could hike to the Y on the mountain, so saturday we decided to try it...

the first half was great! the boys walked (slowly), but at least they walked and slow enough that i actually wondered why everyone who passed us was so out of breath. and of course, both boys insisted on wearing their pirate costumes. whatever.

jack even hiked all the way up the actual Y. he loved it! on the way up we took turns guessing what the Y was made of. jack and christian guessed snow, marshmellows, gum and ice cream. I was glad they weren't too disappointed when we made it to the top and they found out that it was conrete and paint.

now...on the way down was a whole different story...

we had just started down. christian was complaining so i was carrying him and i also had jane in the backpack. i had just told david that i was fine and felt perfectly balanced with one in front and one in back. well, probably 2 seconds later, my ankle rolled and i totally ate it! downhill! nothing to stop all 3 of us from crashing into the ground. hard. christian was screaming. jane was screaming. i was shocked and was looking around to make sure we were still alive and the first face i see is davids... and he's laughing!!! can you believe it? we almost died and he's laughing at us. well, the kids never quite recovered after that. i ended up holding sweet jane while david carried the other two all the way down the mountian!


the other day i walked into the bathroom to find this...

the artist...

and his art...


Happy Birthday Grammy!!!

and Happy birthday Relief Society!!!

Lucky me. I got to be in charge of cakes this week so naturally i went with cupcakes - i'm loving how fun and easy they are. Check out my first attempt at a chocolate shell/liner for the big cupcake...and it worked!

Friday, March 06, 2009

can winter be over already?

i feel like i've exhausted myself and my ideas on how to entertain the kids during the winter. this past week has been a whole lot of...

christian doing this...

you can't tell what he's doing? maybe this one is better...
jane enjoying these more often...

and we all know what jack (er...peter pan) has been doing...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009




i'm pretty sure jane is attached to "fuzzy bunny" and i think the greatest thing i've ever done was to pick up another "fuzzy bunny" on my last trip to target ...just in case....
no more trips back to grandma's house, the mall, no more backtracking through the aisles at costco, no more spending hours searching the house, no more stress! ...

because we've got 2!

and the other is safely tucked away ...

for now.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Updated...good guesses everyone!!!

prize to anyone who can guess jack's costumes.
seriously. i'll give you a prize.
so here he is as a...

(i guess the blue blanket (ocean) he laid on ALL DAY would have helped with the guessing. sorry.)

Volcano (brown rock/dirt, red lava)

azul (the blue train from dora)

firetruck (that's a ladder on his back.)
toodles (from mickey mouse clubhouse)

sorry. no prizes this time, but i should give you something for even trying...we'll see.

...and he did these all on his own.