Sunday, March 28, 2010

fun fun

everybody is so nice to you when you have a baby...
people have come out of the woodwork to be helpful.
thank you, thank you.

we got this super cool gift from one of our neighbors:

she owns a company called totalclasscreative
she sells fabulous crafty, felty things

they are all adhesive-backed-easy-do-it-yourself projects
that i am happy to be on the receiving end of :)

i am impressed by people's good ideas. can you tell?
other than moves on.
march was crazy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The girl's name Elle \e(l)-le\ is a variant of Elaine (Greek), Elizabeth (Hebrew), and Helen(Greek)

the meaning of Elle is (among other things); God's promise; God is my oath;
to us-- her entrance and existence bring life to this meaning.

el--in Hebrew--is the part in Biblical names that means God--
we were particularly interested in the given names of some of history's prominent angels.


the name of Israel has central significance as well

elle (or "L") reminds us of Elle's grammy, Lisa Elaine--(a variant of, and included letters)--
we want her to have the spiritual courage of her grammy--her passion for life, craving for adventure, memories and undying commitment to God and family

Patricia is her great-grandmother's name
Patricia means-- of noble birth.
we want her to have her great grandmother's perfect blend of tenderness and tenacity-- sensitivity, sacrifice and sass

both of her namesakes are bold, believing and beloved spiritual pioneers. Their lives and choices have changed the course of their family and are still causing ripples--we wish this for elle.

We fell in love with a lot of the significance of her name. We also think it is simple and elegant, some words "grammy" used to describe Jenny when she met her. It sounds cute coupled with Jane and darling on its own.

I wish everyone could feel what we felt the night elle was born. Picking her name was particularly difficult for us--the naming of a tender mercy. There is something special and everything miraculous about each baby's birth-- but particularly this one--for us.

special names for a special girl...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


ms. elle patricia
isn't she perfect?
welcome home...again :)

p.s. sometimes i wish you could see her through my eyes-- and then other times i am glad that i'm the only one...if my eyes were cameras, though, you would see even cuter pictures of this little girl.

Monday, March 08, 2010

welcome home little girl

doctor: david
hard worker: jenny
arriving too early: baby
arriving too late: paramedics
semi-helpful on the phone: 911 lady
shocked arrival before paramedics: mom
umbilical cord clamp: nike shoelace

Scene 1
at christy's house
jenny: i am having contractions
all the girls: (giddy with stopwatches) ya!
david: dang...i wanted it during school.

Scene 2
at home...on the bed
jenny: (having contractions) i wonder when we should go in...
david: should i page the midwife?
jenny: sure
midwife: how are you?
jenny: good...i think it will be tonight.
midwife: great, well why don't you get in a hot tub and relax.

Scene 3
in our bathroom, 20 minutes later
jenny: I feel nauseous
david: ok, I will call my mom to come be with the kids
kids: zzzzzzzzz
jenny: ok, good.
david: (calls mom and midwife)
jenny: ....
david: ok, lets go.
jenny: we are not going anywhere.
david: yes we are..come on.
jenny: i need to sit. i need to push.
david: jenny--do...not...push
(david dials 9-1-1)
semi-helpful 911 lady: 911, what's your emergency?
david: hi--my wife is in labor at home and we are having the baby.
911: what is your address?
jenny: david, i just caught the head.
(david then catches baby's body and pulls her out)
david: ma'am, i am holding my my my bathroom--in-credible.
911: is she breathing? how is mom?
baby: crying (the only of our 4 to cry at birth).
mom: (totally fine facial expression as if she delivers babies at home all the time).
david: they are both fabulous.
kids: zzzzzzz

Scene 4
enter mom--cue crying
enter police--cue semi awkwardness
enter 52 paramedics-- cue "grateful we don't have to deliver a baby" feelings
enter awesome neighbors
exit jenny and baby in ambulance
exit david following behind-- wondering what our ambulance coverage is... (just kidding, kinda)

Scene 4
at the hospital--with a new healthy baby, an amazing momma, and 3 ecstatic siblings

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

no signs...

jenny says I have too much anxiety about the birth of this babe.
I kinda agree.
I don't have much more to write b/c she is standing here pressuring me not to write anything else...but i have to get this out of my system.

this is how i always feel a week before the due date...its like waiting for christmas without knowing when christmas is.

jenny says this is a good analogy--except for the fact that it is not hard to open christmas presents.