Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the witches...

my sisters and mom having been going to Gardner village to see the witches for years and this year we finally made it. so fun and so worth the trip. the boys weren't really into the witches - i think the witches made them a little bit nervous, but they were in heaven surrounded by all of the pumpkins.
this was as close as they would get... :) i let them choose a treat in the candy shoppe - my favorite! and christian would not let his sour apple heads out of his hands or sight the whole time - we're talking like 2 or 3 hours - it was hard to get him to even look at anything else. so funny!

fall fun!!!

fall is soooo fun. we love it. we had a little family night up in the canyon, but unfortunatly we didn't get any good shots of the leaves, but we did get the kiddos jumping around and having fun just being in the mountains. painting! we're finally done! how come nobody warned us how long it would take!?!
these boys love donuts - any kind - as long as it's round with a hole in the center, they are in heaven.
during the priesthood session of conference, all of us girls get together with the kiddos. this year we went to jenn's house and decorated sugar cookies. i love it - lots of kids and lots of sugar, by the end of the night they were literally hanging from the chandelier

thanksgiving point

we met up with julie, jenn, my mom and all the younger cousins at the thanksgiving point farm or whatever. i was so impressed that jack and christian had no problems and were actually excited to ride on the ponies all by themselves - yeah!!!

i LOVE this picture of my mom and maren and jane. she is such an amazing mom and grandma! everyone adores her.


byu football....can we ever get enough!?! we have had so much fun watching and going to games this year. we've only taken the boys to one game and by the end of the first half we were sure it was one game too many, but they got into it the second half and actually had fun. they're pretty good at the byu fight song - just the rah, rah, rah rah rah goooooooo cougars part.these are our awesome seats!!! my family has had these same tickets for YEARS and we LOVE them. nobody to crawl over, no awkward sitting/standing problems, a view of the whole field (plus utah lake, the mountains, costco...) portal XX section 146 row 33 seat 30. awesome.

jane has been my little buddy for all of the games - hot or cold, rain or shine - she has been such a trooper - i'm sure she already bleeds blue like her momma. ok - so we're usually the last to leave the stadium, partly because it takes so long to walk all the way down from the top and also because we like to wait for justin. so the boys were having fun running up and down the empty rows and jumping on the benches so i tried to catch a picture of jack mid jump. well, turns out i also caught christian mid sip - i wonder how many sips he had from left over drinks!!! gross.