Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BYU football!!! is anyone else as excited for byu football to start as i am? i love, love, love the fall mostly for that reason. so david and i have been going to the scrimmages and a few of the practices and i can hardly wait for the games to start! last week we went to the big fall sports "cougar kickoff". it was so much fun to see our "big boys" (the boys who stayed with us this summer) signing autographs and being all cute with the kids. good luck danny, justin, iona, nate, & tonna.

poor christian... finally happend, we made our first trip to the ER. and as you can tell by the picture, it was christian, and he was happily playing again minutes after cutting his lip open on the corner of the desk. that boy...

david took him to the ER and said he was such a trooper the whole time. they did have to sedate him so that they could be sure to sew his lip back together at the right place - good thing there was a good doctor there. can you imagine having a crooked lip your whole life (minus 2 years)? his lip was pretty swollen for a few days, but the stitches are out now and he's lookin good!


our whimsical birthday boy

these are his birthday cakes this year - a dirt cake and a sand cake. the kids LOVED them and we had fun sharing them with everyone when we celebrated all the august birthdays. grandpa turned 92!

christian sporting his new woody costume. didn't have quite the same effect that jack's buzz costume had. I think chrisitan was ready to take it off after about 2 minutes. (eh, bittersweet) we spent the evening and next day at timp lodge up at sundance - so much fun! we found the short cut to stewart falls and hiked that the next day - perfect hike for the boys - not too long with lots of rocks and water!
christian's birthday party/playgroup - i can't believe i actually got this picture with all the kiddos in it - (well, i'm actually holding jane so she isn't in it) it was fun, but crazy!