Sunday, December 30, 2007

embracing winter...

Ok. We live in Utah. It snows in Utah. We like Utah. Therefore we like snow? It sounded convincing in my head. Jenny and I have decided this winter, we are going to embrace the snow. So as part of our new years resolutions, we are including a challenge to embrace winter with at least 20 activities before spring. This does not mean I like snow, but we have decided if we are going to live here, we better love every season.
Activity No. 1

We rented snow shoes from BYU Outdoors place and took a hike up Rock Canyon with the boys. We loved it! I am kind of surprised, but I would definately do it again (note- the activities do not need to be 20 different activities, so going snow shoeing again would count as no. 2, or no. 11, whenever it happens).

after renting them we knew jackson would not go for walking next to us, and I did not want to carry him, so after calling all our friends to see if we could borrow their backpacks, I got on KSL and this gal was selling her Kelty for a killer deal!

19 more to go...

our "new" tubby

You need a little back story for this one. (Brief back story, because the blog is not that interesting or exciting, so the back story will be even more of a bore). This old tub in the house has been clogged ever since we moved in. It is a nice tub--big and tall, but it would take a while to drain. A few weeeks ago it stopped draining completely (told you, kind of boring). We called a friend in the ward who is a little more handy than me (that is hard to find) and he fixed it. It was a fun watch. He had to go in through our closet and pull out the lid to a dishwash soap bottle and now it drains like magic. I feel like the water is cleaner too now (even though we did nothing to the source of the water). The boys love it more than they ever have (don't know why). We got them some bath toys for Christmas, so it has been fun to finally use them...every least twice a day...for hours at a time. Yay for our tubby!

(here is jack peering in at the hole in the closet, modeling his new line of semi-modest buzz prom dresses)

Friday, December 28, 2007

mele christmas!

merry christmas! we hope everyone had a fabulous day. we wanted to share a few pictures from christmas eve and christmas day. this was our first time sleeping at our own house and starting our own traditions (even though most of them were borrowed). we missed the fun of being with a lot of people, but still had a great time on our own!
here is jack seeing how santa is going to make it down the chimney...
making cookies (and later tasting the cookies...and then tasting them again)
christmas eve jammies....BUZZ!
christmas morning...

then everyone went to julie and derek's house for the sorensen christmas party

all of us got byu shirts and pom poms to cheer on justin next year

Thursday, December 13, 2007


well...I was going to use the excuse of it being december as the reason why we have not updated our blog, but it doesn't seem to be stopping anyone else, so...I am out of excuses. Early morning seminary must be taking its toll because it is 9:30 and I am absolutely exhausted! I don't even have the energy to get out of this computer chair and go to bed. Since it requires less energy to type than it will to get up, brush my teeths and get into bed, I am able to get this one blog up for december. Maybe we will do more...ok, I have to end because I have no pictures and nothing to say, I just thought it was annoying to see that same post up about thanksgiving.

i do not like the snow.