Saturday, December 20, 2008

there is something magical about having fresh flowers delivered to your door in the middle of a snow storm....
thanks mom and dad butler

Friday, December 19, 2008

please refer to my previous post for my feelings on this picture...
today it was 80 degrees in sugar land.
monday we will be there.

the baby clepto

jenny took all the kids somewhere the other day.  jane came back with this under her blanket...hidden in her carrier (no, not the rattle thing).  i am not sure whether to be impressed or concerned,  because as of now i am very impressed at her skills.  she will be doing high end art theft in no time...

dirty thirty

check out these cakes john and emma made in your ya!

Happy Birthday Baby!
Should we list 30 things we love about you?
1. You are cute.
2. You have beautiful hair.
3. You have fun ideas.
4. You are a fabulous mom.
5. You are an amazing wife.
6. You make the best desserts.
7. You are adventurous.
8. We love your laugh.
9. We love your smile.
10. We love when you chicken people.
11. You have great legs.
12. You get a fabulous tan in the summer.
13. You are very thoughtful of others.
14. We love your health craze.
15. We love how you love life to be simple.
16. We love your buttons.
17. We love your advent chart in the making.
18. We love how much you pamper Jane.
19. We love how you love Jack.
20. We love how you love Christian.
21. We love that you are a hard worker.
22. We love your love of God.
23. We love your love of family.
24. We love that you love people.
25. We love that you love experiences.
26. We love how you cherish memories.
27. We love your passion.
28. We love your empathy.
29. We love your quirkiness.
30. We love that you are 30...and we are not.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i h*** snow

no, that didn't say h***, that says h***. Besides the fact that h*** wouldn't make sense gramatically in the sentence, I just felt like h*** was too strong of a word. Especially for a title. And especially for this time of year (don't you h*** that phrase? I do, because if it is no good this time of year, it should not be good any time of year. It is the cousin of the other phrase I h***, which is, "You can't say that, you are in a church!" If you can't say it, watch it, or think it at church, perhaps you shouldn't say it, watch it, or think it anywhere...there is room for context based arguments here, but I digress). Where was I? Oh yeah, h***.

The only thing I can think of about snow that I like is the scripture from Isaiah:

"Though your sins be a scarlet, they shall be as white as snow."

How can I have distaste (thats better) for something that is symbolic of forgiveness of sin? I don't know. But I do, and right now I am not into it...I am having second thoughts...nope. They didn't last very long.

See ya.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

he sees me when I'm sleeping?

ward party tonight. the boys were actually excited to see santa, and they both told him what they wanted. jackson told me in the car he forgot something, so we have to write him another letter to tell him. does he do email? or texts? he should do texts.

jackson and prize. we have this brilliant author in our ward who told me he once wrote an article on the 'desensitation of santa claus.' i wanna read it. he explained to me the best way to help your kids get over santa and for it not to be a traumatic experience. i'll tell you for 5 bucks.

this is christian, giddy as can be to see santa. i mean, giddy. eventually he butted in line to the front. he saw an opening and seized the day. he couldn't wait!! (me neither, so good thing)
this is the program. it took jack a while to get his feet wet.this was christian during the program. he found a seeing eye dog.

oh no...

random post.

Jenny is afraid of the rides at DisneyLand. Her reason, as posted in this post, namely: America is getting too large for all of the rides.

I thought she was ridiculous.

I read Holly's blog where she explained my new find.

I researched.

I found this.

Last year, they overhauled, 'It's a Small World' because of the obesity problem in America. It was causing the boats to bottom out.

Jenny is right.

Jenny is still afraid.

Jenny only trusts one ride now.

That is lame because that one ride creeps me out a little.

I think it is ironic that they overhauled 'It's a Small World' because of largeness.