Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas with the sorensens

christmas party at julie and dereks beau-ti-ful casa.
fun, fun night with a lot of people...including the ghost of christmas present apparently.
every family was in charge of a talent or song. christian spontaneously jumped up to provide ours. for a moment, i thought we might have a child prodigy. turns out he is just brave. and cute.
12 days. local kine. tutu runs this show, ya.
cody's talents are so envious.
so are kims'
42 chocolate covered almonds: $3
Christian's face as he ran up after winning: you know.
Christian's real guess: 42 hundred.
Jenny guessing for him: permissable.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

live nativity

i haven't quite mastered the art of taking pictures using a "inside of a barn lighting,"
so in the words of our boys: " you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

blurry picture--a very-excited-to-see-lambs Jane
blurry jack. one of 5 chillin camels
some family in alpine hosted a live nativity at their home last weekend. i am sure you went because the line was 100s and 100s of people long. i thought they were waiting for the indiana jones ride at disney land. there were barn animals, bethlehem residents, singing "angels," roman soldiers, and a very reverent and sweet scene with the holy family.

if you know them...tell them thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

looking a lot like christmas

i just love our tree!
the advent countdown...it is conditional upon non naughtiness--we haven't had many treats this year...
our first batch of mistletoe...cool, huh?
our new guest under the mistletoe...jane loves loves loves her.


Saturday, December 04, 2010

oh tanenbaum

whoever invented christmas trees was a genius! we love having one in our house--I wish I could leave it up all year without people judging me. I wish blogs had smells--for this post only.
who besides the grinch doesn't just love this moment i caught?
i love that boy.
we haven't quite mastered the art of ornament spacing. That is a 200 level course.
hi jack.
isn't jenny cute?
jack wants to decorate for 8 nights. (he has religion confusion.)
oh...a funny face shot? I thought you said gag yourself. silly me.
soon it will be christmas day...


Back again.
Did you miss us?
the christmas lights at temple square.
not too crowded. not too cold.
the ladies...
p.s. haven't figured out the new camera yet--thats why the temple is floating in jenny's head (or maybe she is just that spiritual)
cold enough to stop for some hot choc. jackson is sporting his new shades...no comment.
jane wanted a picture by the pink trees. she is embracing the no-look. jenny is sporting the fabulous look.
jane sure stole this shot! (Marty!! If you got that you win 1000 points)