Thursday, January 28, 2010

noah's ark...

i was trying to help my new classes feel comfortable asking questions in class...then I remembered this true experience from my life...

again...this is a true story.

once upon a time there was a guy...and it was me...and i was in a sunday school class as a high schooler. during the lesson (which i don't remember what it was about--perhaps noah's ark) i finally decided i should ask a question that had bothered me for years...

so i raised my hand. (i was a good student)

teacher: yes, david

me: ok, i have a question that has been buggin me.

teacher: go ahead

me: ok...noah's ark--there were tow of every animal on the ark, right?

teacher: yes, thats right.

me: so where did they put all of the whales, and dolphins, and fish? was there a giant tank in the
bottom? because 2 blue whales + 2 belugas + 2 dolphins makes for a HUGE ark.

my friend rob: dave.

me: what?

rob: you are an idiot. why did they build the ark?

me: because the earth flooded.

rob: with what?

me: oh.

(pause for ponder)

me: so did they tie ropes to them to keep them close?

teacher and rob: {no response.}

I propose the following picture for future gospel art kits. it will help many, many children in need.

p.s. concerning the ropes--

i found this in class (at the u) when i was bored...don't judge me.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i have cold feet.

I have no decisions to make.
I am already married.
I literally have cold feet.
I think it runs in our family, because we all can remember my Mom rubbing her feet together while lying in bed. She probably has cold feet too.
Seriously--every night my feet are freezing and I need to move to a place of warm feet.
Maybe it is my lack of big toenails.
Who knows.
Just thought you all should know.

Monday, January 25, 2010

don't have spell check)
Sorry for all the random was all experimenting with my new fancy way of texting in posts. I am so saavy. (Is that how you spell that? Phones

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trying again

Attempt no. 3 to post pics to my blog from my phone.

I am trying to send this pic to my blog from my phone...more experimenting. This is the boys at lowes doing an activity.

It worked
I am testing this mobile blogging thing

happy me

heloha. so i had my birthday a few days ago, which i am very happy to report on.
most wives do a cute little birthday shoutout to their boys-- but jenny hasn't yet, so i am doing my own.
if jenny had done a birthday post,
jenny would've said:

"david is like the best husband ever.
he is a wonderful father.
we are so blessed to have him.
the kids love him--i simply adore him and i could not have asked for a
more wonderful and sexy man in all the whole wide world.
love you babe!"

then she probably would've left out the part about the fantastic 29 layer cake she made i will take it from here jenny.

"ok lovey dovey...if you insist."

i do.

this is the cake in the middle of the process:

it had 14 cake layers, 14 chocolate ganache layers, and one outer layer made of buttercream frosting.

when we cut into looked like this:

this image was borrowed, without asking from bakerella, where the recipe was borrowed with permission.

i had to go to school on my birthday...:(
but got out early :)
i had to work on my birthday :(
but the students were good :)
i came home to a house full of cute kids :)
we spent over an hour picking up 8,000,000 pixos :( :(
(we didn't take a picture of that--we are trying to erase it from our memory)

on a happier note--we went sledding on mlk day-- the weekend of my birthday.
i will now make an important announcement:
this was the first non-miserable sledding day of our married life.
sledding was so fun when I was single.
no carrying little people up a hill.
no crying after 2 seconds of being there.
no putting on the gloves for the 10,000th time.
no frozen snot to clean up.

i used to be anti-sledding...until mlk day 2010.

this picture is lame:

(but what you don't see, is christian is not crying, and jack is sledding and climbing alone...and the only complaints came when we left....what a dream--except for the snow)

and in conclusion (of my own birthday post), one of the items I scored on my birthday was an Aebleskiver pan. We used to have them at the Nielsens house growing up and i loved them. i can now report that i still do.
special thanks to kathy--our brilliantly beautiful secretary at work for the recipe.
and a special thanks again to her for this out-of-this-world delicious recipe for buttermilk vanilla syrup. wow. it is party candy.

there you go. come over and i will make you some...for free.

david--that was an amazing post!
just. like. you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

what once was lost, but now is found...

our camera cord... (and possibly a new found desire to blog about our lives...we'll see...) along with finding the cord, i found a whole lot of pictures from the past 6 months. the majority of them looked like this:

but i also found pictures from... the boys' first day of preschool
our trip to the pumpkin patch (and this particular picture just makes me laugh, i don't know why, but i think it's because of christian...)
our trip to zions and st. george
jack wore this ghost costume the entire time we drove there - like 5 hours. every time i turned around in the car and saw him buckled in and wearing a sheet, i just had to laugh...why?
one of maybe 3 family photos from the year...
in this picture, i had accidentally left david's phone in the tent and we forgot to get it out before rolling the tent up and shoving it into the tiny tent bag. when we realized what we had done, we were just about to start hiking and david was sooooo mad. so we had to unroll the whole thing and get it out right there in the middle of the parking lot. i thought it was kind of funny...
the boys were awesome hikers!

also found a bunch of pictures from thanksgiving point - the gardens, the farm, and the dinosaur museum (about 50 of them were of the big shark - jack loves that thing!) but i thought i'd include this one of cute jane peeking out the window since she could have done this ALL DAY LONG! she thought she was so funny...
carving pumpkins...
trick or treating with adam...i think the boys wore about 10 different costumes during the week, but these are the ones they chose for trick-or-treating... (nothing new at our house though...)
jack's birthday - he insisted on a shark cake...
christmas morning...
the boys enjoying the snow and dad being home during the break. isn't the snowman cute - david made it (i think his first) and he's soooo proud of it - everyday he comments on how awesome it is. so if you drive by the house, compliment david on his snowman and he'll be so happy.
so there you have it... our lives the past 6 months...
and hopefully i'll make a better habit of this...