Thursday, May 31, 2007

the grass is always greener

So, the other day I was reading the Rawlberry Patch blog and told Jenny that they were my heroes; they always seem to be doing the funnest things. Today I talked with one of my buddies who frequents my blog :) and he made a comment about how we always seem to be doing fun things. I said, really? I wonder if he had similar thoughts that I had about others. Is this making sense? I've decided not to fall victim to this common pitfall of envying something someone else has. This temptation seems to date back to the beginning. (If you have never read Michael Wilcox's, "Don't Leap with the Sheep" you should--this is where I read this idea). God told Adam and Eve that they could freely eat of every tree of the garden, except for one. When the snake shows up, his first approach is to remind Eve that she was told she could not eat of this tree. He focuses her on what she couldn't have, rather than the Father's approach that she had so many options. I caught myself looking at what I wasn't doing, rather than all the cool things that I am. Thinking this way (the right way) helps me live with more grattitude. However, I still want to plan and do more exciting things! Maybe this makes no sense to anyone else, but I'm glad I was taught this today for me.

once in a... many of you know tonight (or last night depending on when you read this) was a blue moon. This happens once every 2 to 3 years when there are two full moons in the same month. Many of you are beginning to wonder why this is blog worthy. Maybe its not. So there! But, I was just reminiscing about the last blue moon and it was when we were in Hawaii. We hung out in town with Maria, one of our best buds from out there. We lived with her in that rad house on the beach. We sure miss Hawaii some times, and that is the reason for a post on a moon. We made some amazing friends out there and life was really good, so we have fond memories of that short stage of life. If the truth be known--we would love to get back out to Hawaii some day to live...but that won't be news to anyone reading this. It must be stated though, cause Jenny always says a goal not written is just a wish. Happy blue moon to everyone. Oh, for posterity's sake--for this blue moon we put the boys to bed, Jenny worked on some frames, and I typed about the blue moon. Hopefully in December 2009 we will be doing something a little more exciting--hey, it might be on New Years Eve--cool! At least we'll all get a kiss to celebrate. Hoody hoo!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Over the river and through the woods

Well, this marks the end of the first camping trip of the summer. We are proud to report that Jenny and I not only enjoyed it, but so did the boys! Both of them slept great and had fun times on all the hikes and different adventures. Our trip was down to Bryce Canyon area witha quick stop to the historic Cove Fort on the way (this is where President Hinckley's grandfather was sent by Brigham Young to build a fort for protection and as a halfway point between Salt Lake and St. George). We bought the new tent from Costco this year and tried her out for the first time this weekend. We LOVE it! It is quite a lot bigger than our last tent, so it took a little more effort to set up, but we had our air mattress, a makeshift bed for Jack, the Pack-n-Play and all our gear and luggage and only used about half of the space in it. This made sleeping really pleasant. It also gave Chunky a place to crawl around out of the dirt and rocks. Every five minutes we were pulling a rock out of Christian's mouth. We got to the point where we gave him big rocks he couldn't swallow and mellowed out on him eating a little dirt--as long as he didn't put the rabbit pellets in his mouth! He was at a hard age for a campground in the red rock terrain of southern Utah. Jackson really liked running along the trails and throwing rocks in the rivers and I think Chunks had a great experience his first time camping. Hopefully that will carry over into future trips. So...nothing too exciting on the trip, just some good times and great memories. My favorite you ask? Crossing the river a couple of times to get to this waterfall we hiked to. In the pictures it looks like give said the little stream, but with Chunky on my back throwing off my balance a little, the fast moving current and rocky riverbed were a little more challenging. Super fun! Enjoy the montage...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

School's Out for Summer...

Well, this is a good group of people I work with...I will miss them terribly when I move on to Provo High School starting next week. I went and visited Provo High and dropped off some of my things. It will be good, and I am excited to start something new. The teachers I met were awesome, and it is always cool to have a fresh start somewhere. AND I will still see these teachers my whole career because there are not that many teachers in CES, but it is hard to not spend all day with them. I wrote a letter to a student I taught who is on a mission in South Africa right now and told him I was leaving and told him he could relate because a move in CES feels a lot like a mission transfer to me in a wierd sort of way. So, hoody hoo.

I took some pictures of the walls in my classroom so ya'll could see what they looked like and so I could remember what I did 4 years from now AND it took me forever to make everything so I wanted to somehow document all that hard work and celebrate how good I thought it looked :)

This was my favorite wall-- doesn't that map look cool. I made the whole thing from scratch. Impressed? I love that line from the Doctrine and Covenants, Shall We not go on in so great a cause?! It is inspiring to me. One of the teachers told me he would pay me 100 bucks to make it for him exactly like that 4 years from now. I said 300.

That phrase "I have learned for myself" from the Joseph Smith History kind of became a theme for my class this year. I even made that frame of the First Vision in Jenny's Dad's frame shop.

On this wall I had all the latter-day prophets with their signatures under each of their pictures. We spent the last week and a half doing a rotation at seminary talking a little about each of their lives. I learned a lot about them and have some GOOD stories...One story I told was actually told by the new Relief Society counselor at Women's Conference (this comes from our friend Holly who went and heard this from her) As she met with President Faust, overwhelmed with her new call, she began to weep. He wept with her and grabbed her hands and said, "We are all just ordinary people doing the Lord's work. I will pray for you if you will pray for me." Awesome, huh? They are ordinary men and women, but they are great because they follow the example and commandments of the Master.

Aloha Springville...Aloha Provo.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The elementary school by our house does a "Rock Canyon Extravanagnza" every year (I guess) and we went to it this year. It is a big fundraiser for the school, and it is supposedly pretty successful. They had big auctions during it and some things were going for some big bucks. We walked over there and bought some tickets and let Jackson play some games (although I was more interested in him winning than he was) and ride the train and the dolphin swing and the big blowup slide. He really liked the slide when he rode it with Jenny, but was pretty upset when I threw him down by himself. Who'd've thought? We stayed most the night and had sno cones and pizza and nachos and had a real fun time all together. I love the summer!

Um, does the title "Test Results" ring a bell to anyone?

Monday, May 21, 2007

SOAKED in jealousy...

Since Loopy is not of the blogging kind (yet) I have decided to blog for her. Plus, I cannot stop thinking about how much fun she is having, or had (not sure when she comes back). Jenny and I have wanted to go on this hike for a while actually. This was a pre-Hawaii thought even. Some of her aunts have done it and LOVED it. I tried to get our priests to go for high adventure this year, but no go. (Maybe next year?) Anyways--supposedly a pretty grueling, hot hike in the desert until you hit the waterfall oasis, which is supposed to be breathtaking. IAm sure Lindsey will tell it better since her description won't have such choice phrases as: "supposedly" and "I've heard". She can say "It is" or "I saw". But here are some pictures to satisfy my obsession and fill us in on Lindsey's life all at the same time.

Have ya'll heard this?

You all might have already heard this, but it was on FM 100 over Mother's Day weekend. This was live and on the air. One of my students heard them joking about it this morning again. (It has a picture of a radio because I couldn't figure out how to post sound without pictures.) It is a clip from the radio...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

don't run underwater...and other useful running tips

Mom and Britt-- Your latest BLOG has no place to put any CONGRATS!!
Jenny and I went on our 4.35 (I felt every step of it!!) mile run yesterday too. Ok, a few words to the wise:

1. Do not go when it is hot. *
2. Do not choose runs that go straight up the side of the mountain
3. Thank your lucky stars you are not pushing two children (one of them nicknamed Chunky)
4. Bring water--running dehydrated makes it harder. *
5. Walk when you have to.
6. Walk when you want to.
7. When you get a side cramp, push on it while you exhale forcefully (like you do when you do a crunch-not like when you are in labor) I will include a video.*

(ok really, it is real. I did it on my marathon and I taught this other lady during the run too and I became her best friend...I should have charged her)

8. Also, if you eat bananas it is supposed to help with cramping.*

(Everything with a * is a legitimate bit of advice from Jenny. All others are legit from of charge!)

In conclusion-- my 4 mile run kicked my bootie and I gave up hopes of running the 1/2 marathon 6 times in the course of the run...but then I remembered when I trained for my first one, after I finished my first 5 mile run (EVER) I thought to myself...I can never do this! That was too hard! And yet I felt really good about doing it. If I let my limited experience speak: IT gets easier. Its always harder getting there. We all have to push through these first "few" weeks and it does get easier. So NO GIVING UP!!! We can do it!

even the Chunk is doing it with us

Thursday, May 17, 2007

We've got worms

ok...note to our people. We've got worms. OR viruses, or something. More about my complaints later. We've got to clear our whole computer and start all over...hopefully we won't be out of the blogginf life for long...if so, we love you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

OK all! This weekend is our first big run - 4 miles! I know that Saturday is kind of crazy for some of you with birthdays, games, and everything, if you can't make it to the group run, just be sure you get your 4-mile run in sometime. For anyone who wants to run the 4-miler on Saturday morning with us, meet at my house at 8:00 am. Let me know if you're coming so that we can wait for you. If that doesn't work for you, Christy may be spear-heading a run in Cedar Hills area at a different time (maybe Friday). So whether you run, walk, crawl, skip, hop, or crab walk - make sure you go 4 miles! It'll be fun!!!

Good Luck!

Monday, May 14, 2007

David has always made sure that Mother's Day is a special day for me and this year was no exception. This year I was delighted to be served rice pudding and fresh strawberries (Saturday night!)
escorted to breakfast by my cute 2-year old,
amazed by a DELICIOUS breakfast Sunday morning -
cinnamon rolls, strawberries, cereal, yogurt, juice, and vanilla soymilk!
completely impressed by the cutest card ever,
able to listen to the Relief Society lesson (David had Christian),
constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have the sweetest husband in the world,
and the two cutest boys anyone could ever ask for!
I love being a mother!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Probation warning

"Take me out to the ball game"
"We enjoyed our weekend with you"

You all know who you are!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

do I dare admit this?

We are all friends and family right? Well, I expose myself on this one. no shame. no shame. All of you know about my embarassing moment at Jenny's kickboxing class after we were first married. It brings me shivers to even think about it. (no, not those shivers). Ever since then I have been against these classes. Poked fun. Made comments they were worthless. Well, Jenny borrowed these DVDs from her friend called "Butts and Guts". I didn't have time to get ready and go run before Young Mens, so Jenny suggested I try the DVD. I was a bit hesitant, but wanted to keep consistent, so easily gave in...Plus, a tape with the name Butt and Gut must be sort of manly. After twenty minutes of cheating my way through the workout, I have a new respect for these home based hip hop excercise movies. These things this woman had me do kicked my butt (and gut I guess). My legs already hurt and I feel like I won't be able to walk tommorow. A good work out is the bottom line. However, the price is high. Doing it made me embarassed in my own living room! I can't do these punches and knee moves and lunge bounces without feeling like a complete idiot, even in the comfort of my own home. It also bothers me that this woman does all these things without even breathing heavy while I am on the verge of swearing because my hamstrings are close to snapping. It also bothers me that she talks to me like she knows me. "It's starting to burn" she says 10 minutes into it. Starting? "You're doing good" she tells me while I sit on the couch for her second round of punch and bounce. You don't know me! Or my struggles! Ok. I'm over it. I would say I am going back to only running, however Cathe has instilled in me this challenge to do her whole routine without giving up or cheating. Yes...we are on a first name basis now. This was an intense 20 minutes. peace.

it's wednesday!!!

Which character did Sawyer nickname Betty?
What is the name of Charlie's band?
(yup! 2 today...It's a bonus)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

para bailar la bamba

Ok...some of y'all really missed out~

There will be music. There will be dancing. There will be pinata. And I will do a salsa dance (at Holly's request) at next years Cinco de Mayo party. So mark it on your calendar now, because you won't want to miss it! Saturday, (as all of you know because you either came or I invited you) we had an impromptu Cinco de Mayo party. I woke up and realized what day it was and immediately changed clothes into the most Mexican thing I could find, went out and bought stuff for salsa, a sombrero, and a pinata (all the necesities for a glorious Mexican celebration). Jenny kept asking me all day who was coming to this so called Cinco de Mayo party. People will come Jenny, I says. If I build it, peoples will come. And they came. Not by the scores, but we had a good time. And they were all people we liked! So we went to bed that night super excited. Well, at least me. I'm an extrovert, so other people give me energy. Plus, any more people in that room and someone would have gotten a stick to the face since we busted the tiger (i think it was a tiger) pinata in our living room. One of the highlights of the night was Jenny doing a Lightening McQueen impression. She can show it to you all another time if you want. She takes appointments. This was worth everyone coming. Even better than the candy (which wasn't that cheap dum dum, bubble gum, tootsie roll combo package either...this was high quality eating) So, lo siento to everyone who missed it, but we are planning another one for next year. Our goal is to get the Provo cops called on us. Should be a blast. Until next time...Happy Seis de Mayo to you all. Ole'

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ni Hau 你好

There probably won't be anyone who reads this who knows who Sister Groberg is. Nevertheless, I want to give her a moment of praise. This picture is not is a gardner in Taiwan where Sister Groberg is going on a mission. She is the service missionary at our seminary. About 2 years ago, her bishop called our principal and told him he had the perfect lady to come and help out at the seminary if we needed or wanted someone. It was Jean Groberg. We all fell in love with her right away. She touched each of our lives in different ways. We had a going away party for her tonight, so that is the reason for the post about her...its on the mind. We will miss her, but are excited for this upcoming adventure in her life. This woman does more for our seminary than 10 people could do. She is there early, and stays late, helping the thug kids get credit for seminary. She does it because she loves the Lord. Who are these people? They just give give give. She inspires me. Good luck Jean! (even though you won't see this!)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pre LOST quiz...back again

What is Sun's Dad's business called?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bitter Blog

One thing brings me comfort amidst my jealousy of Josh and Jacquelyn going on this cruise. Soon after Josh commits to running this race, thus forcing me into a commitment to keep my word (Jenny sure jumoed on that one didn't she...I think it was a max of 22 hours after that was determined that she paid for the registration :) he runs off for a boat ride in the Carribean.
However...(here comes the comfort, and might I say pleasure)..while he and Jacquelyn are stuffing their faces with prime rib and nightly trips to the midnight buffet, I ran 3 miles today! Bam! Uphill! Bam! And I'm only going up from here (if I can walk tommorow--and that was not to be taken literally because from now on my runs will be going downhill).
So enjoy your crepes, and your chili cheese burgers and your pina coladas now...cause you gonna half to run off every lobster tail you ate suckas!!
3 miles! Hoody hoo!

Part Two

I am not going to say much about the second part of the documentary, "The Mormons". However, I have a few thoughts I want to share. Something I kept saying to Jenny was, "Isn't it interesting to look at the church in a historical or sociological way?" The church and the doctrines were analyzed, for the most part, in 3rd person (if that makes sense). The truth is I don't think anyone can fully explore the church and its teachings without the companionship of the Holy Ghost. When they leave out prayer, when they leave out faith, when they leave out real feelings in the heart, they miss the boat. I know this wasn't a film for missionaries to use, so this is not a criticism of it, but an observation I had as I watched it.

You know...say what you may. Analyze history. Tell me what Joseph Smith was thinking. Tell me what I believe if you want. But one simple burning truth remains in my heart. As real as any other of my senses, the Holy Ghost spoke to my heart about these truths. The seed is good and I have tried to nourish that tree. It has enlarged my soul, it has enlightened my mind, and has become delicious to me. So I continue as I have been, because of a testimony I strive to recapture every day of my life.

These are my thoughts...(Without trying to to sound presumptuous or arrogant or show-offy, I want to express something important to me.)