Friday, April 18, 2008

nice break...

Spring Break. I wonder whether I like it more now as a teacher, or when I was in school as a student. I do love it now...and sometimes I think it is cool that the breaks I got excited about growing up, I am still excited about them! I am sad this is a Friday post, cause that means the break is over :(... But we had a ball!

We left Sunday for beautiful, sunny St. George. The contrast was astounding when we drove through snow-covered Nephi on our way back with sun tanned faces. We rented a condo with the Boyles and Gosses and we LOVED it. Hiking, Swimming, Eating, Laughing, Tennis-- we had a ball! I even took a trip to Costco while I was there. The samples were to die for. (I even bought a jug of Naked Juice, which is one of my new loves)

There are no sunny pictures, just ones from our FHE trip to the St. George Temple. It is a gorgeous temple. This picture captures Christian perfectly...always about to run off somewhere. he would climb to the top of the stairs and grunt till I took his picture, then climb top the bottom for another one, then to the top...
after St. George we came back for a few days in Salt Lake, including a long awaited trip to the zoo. The boys LOVE animals (they got it from Jenny) and I was so excited to see their reactions to the animals. They had a great time and so did we. (personal opinion: that whole "Ghost of the Bayou" thing they had been advertising for so long...overrated.)
that giraffe stood there for like an hour without moving. I'm not so sure about the giraffe cages. They have these signs that tell you there kick could kill a lion and they have like a 2 foot fence and a two foot pile of rocks separating them from you. I think the giraffe was planning an escape. Or he wanted to eat me. I could sense it.
Jack wanted to ride "Thomas" the zoo train. So we didn't! Just to show him who was boss of the family!
You might not ever want to drink out of that lion drinking fountain.

After the zoo we went up to Park City to walk around at the outlets and then stayed in a condo up there. The boys called it Neverland.
We ate at this place on Main Street (which I have never been to before--Main Street that is-- and I think it is one of my new favorite places. I want to eat at every restaraunt on the whole street) called "Main Street Pizza and Noodle". Kid Friendliness- 5 stars. Service- 5 stars Food taste--5 stars. Definately reccomend it to anyone! We ended the week at Temple Square. (I promise the boys were happy there. This is the only picture I took)
I think I will be kind of glad to go back to...who am I kidding--I can't wait until summer!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring into Spring

So I noticed that our blog could probably be put on the lame list, so decided I better do some updating.
trying the lesue (kewish originally) tradition of ooh aww-ing after dying easter eggs.
we dyed brown eggs for the first time and I think they have a deeper, cooler color. I am a fan.
jack after an unsuccesful and lacking community egg hunt. Doesn't it break your heart?

Check out this story--
At the Disney store, Jackson found a "Mak" (the large trailer that pulls lightning mcqueen around) and fell in love with it. He was pretty sad when we told him he couldn't get it because he didn't have any money. Easter was probably a week or week and a half after that. At Suz's house Jack found a few eggs with quarters in them, so when I walked in the door on Monday after work he held up $2.25 in quarters and said, "Dad, look! I have money! Can I go buy my "Mak" now?" He melted his Dad's heart.
With the new spring weather (except for the snow that was on our lawn three days ago!), Jack and Christian are enjoying cruising around the lawn! They both love it!as made apparent by the previous photos, Buzz is back!