Monday, November 17, 2008

halloween...a bit late. and we didn't take any good pictures. here are a few of the ones we did take.

at the ward trunk-or-treat.

the boys trick or treating...

the ghost and forrest gump (and eden - the cute lady bug)
the cousins.justin's birthday and mission call - macon, macon, bbbbbbbbacon, georgia!!!

and we have unofficially (or inconsistently or begrudgingly) started jane on baby food.

(just realized i never posted this - from like a month ago.)

the pumpkin patch and our quest to find the perfect pumpkins...christian found his - the smallest pumpkin with a big chunk missing from the side. jack and his perfect pumpkin..

jane's perfect pumpkin...
check out this series of pictures - so funny. watch christian attack jane with the hay...

Monday, November 10, 2008

jenny is not posting...

I have retired from posting, and jenny has not posted for a while, so i decided to come out of retirement just for a day--

I had to put on this picture:

I was at Toys R Us getting Jackson a birthday pirate ship and ran into this little scene. This chubby older brother was on one of those new TV activities that is supposed to promoste exercise. But he was forcing his younger brother to pedal the bike for him while he played the game. The poor little kid was down on the dirty ground swinging the pedals around as fast as he could while the slave driver played his exercise game. All I could hear from around the corner was, "Faster! Faster!" So I take a peek and laughed out loud (After going back around the corner of course).

I thought it was classic. Maybe even more classic is me looking around for their mom so I could quickly snap this picture.