Tuesday, June 09, 2009

happy birthday jane!!!

our sweet little girl is 1!
...and i can't believe it!!!

our little optimist...

poor christian fell and cut his head open just before jane's party. that's #2 for him so far.

...but a popsicle later, he was all smiles.

some funny things christian has said recently...

*after falling down the stairs and cutting his head open, he said, "mom, we should walk down the stairs, not fall. i'll do that next time."

*after watching jackson snap one of his toys in two, he got all excited and said, "oh good, now i have 2 toys."

*he came running out of his room at 2:00 in the morning and started yelling "i'm throw-uping, i'm throw-uping" (as he threw-up all down the hall). afterwards, he gave me the saddest look and just said, "mom, i'm so sorry i'm throw-uping".

*i made bread today and as i was pulling it out of the oven, he got really excited and started yelling "monkey bread! monkey bread! mom made monkey bread!" i had to tell him that it was just normal bread and not monkey bread. he stopped yelling for a minute, looked at the bread, then looked at me so sweetly and said, "mom, thank you for making norman bread."

Monday, June 08, 2009

call for boxes...!

hey if anyone has any or knows a good place to get some, will you let me know, please!?
i'm starting to pack this week - i know...i know... we still have 6 weeks, but i want to be able to go through EVERYTHING and hopefully get rid of a lot of junk before moving day. i'm starting in the "dining room" and if you've seen our dining room then you'll know it's more like a junk room and it could very easily take me a month to go through it all and pack it up.
update on the house: it's being framed this week...quite possibly at this very moment!!!