Saturday, May 31, 2008

happy one week birthday!

So Jane is a week old today. Some new pictures to celebrate...

we think she is cuter in real life, but this will have to do...

first time with g and pom pom

from the hospital (obviously) but it is our first family photo

grandma jill with her babies

Monday, May 26, 2008

welcome home jane...

jane olive butler We just brought baby jane home and she is such a cutie I think. Props to us for naming her yesterday, by the way. That is record time for us. Jane has always been Jenny's favorite name for her baby girl. I used to think it was a plain old storybook name, but now I really like it. The number one reason I like it is because Jenny likes it so much. The number two reason is because Jane Manning from church history is one of my favorite people. She is one of the new converts who walks to Nauvoo to meet the prophet, many of her group barefoot. President Hinckley has a daughter named Jane, which is cool. It has a few meanings, two of which are: "an abbreviation for Jenny" and in Hebrew, "God is gracious." And today I testify, He is.
Olive is Jenny's grandma's name. (Jill's Mom). We hope Jane grows up to be as lively, smart and unselfish as she was.
Welcome home baby jane, we love having you here!

Sunday, May 25, 2008



born at 4:04 pm Saturday afternoon6 lbs 11 oz, 19"
momma did amazing! and baby and mom are doing great.

dad forgot the camera's batteries, so these are all with the phone. better pictures to come once we get batteries and pink clothes to dress her in :)

p.s. She has already melted dad's heart...more on that to come :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Point Values

Ok, so I think all the guesses are in for the babe. For the biggest list, see Suz's blog. In addition to those we have these:

Mom Butler-May 27, 7lbs 6oz, 20 inches, girl
Julie Tracy- May 29th, 7 lbs 0 oz, 19", GIRLY GIRL!
Becca Laing- Girl, May 30th, 7 lbs 5 oz, 19 inches
Derek-May 31st, 7lbs 3oz, 20 inches, Boy (go Derek!)
Shannon-may 28th, girl, 7lbs, 9oz
Me-June 4th, Boy, 8lbs 6oz
Holly- Girl! (yeah right)

Here's how the points work:
If you get the sex of the baby (so if you guess boy) you are still in the competition. From there we go to closest day (if there is a guess on the day after and day before, we will take the day after, but if it is one day after a guess and two days before a guess, we will take the day before--mostly out of gratitude for guessing early for us!) After the day if there is still a discrepancy we will go to weight (a commonly guessed thing) then time for the ultimate tie breaker if there is such an experience..

Good luck to all participants, especially to Jenny, the main character in this game!
(thanks for posting those guesses Suz!)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

strange, mixed feelings...

the following pictures have nothing to do with what I wanted to say, but they are semi cute and Goss always gets mad at me for not posting any pictures and only writing short paragraphs. I started a blog titled-"Get over it Goss", but decided to take a more kindly approach, put up two pictures, say what I wanted to say, and then end appropriately.

This is Christian, posing with his heaven on earth...a big pile of dirt!
here is Jack at our neighborhood carnival. He covered his face for every picture (Still trying to figure out why). He remembered riding this dolphin last year so we went essentially to just ride the dolphin. Some poor little Asian girl had to wait because this was the only "baby swing" and Jack insisted on riding in it. Oh well, he had fun.
[the following is totally unrelated to the pictures]
Ok, so I had to write about some of the strange, mixed anxiety I have right now. Waiting for a baby is one of the most exciting, kinda scary, anxious events of life on earth. There is nothing that requires this type of waiting. Now I know that these days there is a scheduled inducing that is popular, but since our doctor doesn't do that, it leaves us with the slightly more 'on edge', yet fun feeling of waiting. I keep my phone on in class all day long waiting for a phone call (Even though we are still 9 days away from the due date) and I almost jump every time I feel it vibrate. Jenny called me the other day at work and I almost dropped the phone with giddiness. She was just calling to see how I was. Sweet, but inappropriate for this stage of the game. :). What else do you wait for that requires you to fulfill all of your responsibilities and go on with life as normal and then WHAMMO, on a dime you have to drop everything and go! It has a fun feeling like waiting for Christmas...without knowing when Christmas is. You know it is around the 25th and it is beginning to look alot like Christmas (everywhere you go). But you just schedule things as normal, make sure your shopping is done, enjoy the fun of waiting, but bite your nails at the same time knowing old St. Nick could show up any second...Are you feeling this with me. I am tired just writing about it. So, that is why I have decided the baby is not coming until June 4. I will plan on that. June 4th. Boy. 8 lbs 6 oz. My official guess.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

it's a conspiracy...

but it's ok...

Archuletta has more important things on his mind.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Naomi A. Broken Leg

Many of you know, and many of you do not know that our aunt, Naomi Broken Leg, passed away this week. This is a picture I took from my phone of her casket, covered with flowers and leis, after the dedication and as people were making there way to the family lunch. (Which, by the way, was absolutely amazing. These sisters from the Lamanite ward are something else.) The services were nice, and there were many friends in attendance.

One small thought about Naomi. I leaned over to Christian (my bro Christian, not my son) during the funeral and made the realization out loud that she is probably the most cheerful person I have ever met. Her laugh was contagious. She was an outstanding model of good Christian living. This phrase has become a bit cliche recently, but she reached out to the one. I love Naomi. I am happy for her. Her name fits her challenge in life, and now she is free from the limits of her body.

In reflection of the comments at the funeral, it is heart soothing to think of Naomi returning home to the God who gave her life. After a long trip anywhere, it is always good to be home. I bet Naomi is glad to be back. The trip was fun, but now she has returned. Welcome home Naomi--aloha, ahuiho. We will miss you...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my opinion made public

Accuse me of jumping on, but I have been on this bandwagon from day one. I think this kid rocks and I think he has soul. He does these musical runs that are amazing and he has the kind of voice that you don't need to be nervous about whether he is going to hit those high notes. Dude is kickin awesome! (Yes I just used the phrase, "kickin' awesome" and I am proud of it!)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

to our moms...

I can bet that every blog on the block has some sort of ode to mothers, but we still wanted to throw out a blog-style hoody hoo to our moms.
Although you deserve more honor and praise than can be given in a day (or even in a semi lame blog post), we give it to you! We love you and admire you. It wasn't until now that we are beginning to realize the sacrifice you offered and the impact you have made on our lives.
Tonight we rode home with a screaming Jackson. In our current frame of mind, this thank you comes from depths of our hearts. Thank you for the baby years (I hope you had disposable diapers!). Thank you for the toddler years (mostly for keeping us alive half the time and not killing us the other half. Were we really cute once we fell asleep too?) Thank you for those awkward adolescent years. And as a teacher of teenagers...THANK YOU for the teenage years.
We love you...
Happy Mothers Day.

Friday, May 09, 2008

2 of 12 in 6

Kind of a cryptic title, huh? (not even Jenny got it:)--Now she thinks she can figure it out.

We'll see if she does by the end (without cheating). Ok, for those not playing, I thought it was cool and bloggable that we got to hear 2 of the Quorum of the Twelve speak in the last 6 days (get it?).
Elder Robert D. Hales came to our sacrament meeting on Sunday. He was there for an ordination of one of his old missionaries in our ward and so he presided and then bore his testimony at the end of the meeting. I thought it was awesome!

Elder L. Tom Perry came and spoke at a morning devotional for the Provo High seminary students this morning. It started at 6 (he was there at 5:50 am) and his was awesome too! I was so proud that so many kids showed up (they filled the chapel, cultural hall and stage). His granddaughters go to school at Provo, so I think that was the connection. He gave a brilliant talk, and it was fun to notice that school was a little bit different today--to use his words, "a righteous enthusiasm." Definately a cool day and a cool week.

p.s. Jenny cheated and she cracked the code.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Keeping up...

Ok, so I have nothing of significance to write about and no fun pictures, but I wanted to maintain a habit of here you go. I heard Jenny typing on the computer for like 20 minutes and sure she was blogging about her trip to Women's Conference with her mom and sisters...but she didn't. So in case she never does I thought it was cool she got to go and she really had a good time. (The part I am most jealous about is she got to hear Sheri Dew speak--I think she is so mega rad. She is an amazing speaker--doctrinally solid, fun, enthusiastic about the gospel.) As seminary teachers they give us free tickets to Education Week, but it is always the first week of school! Lame, huh? I think they just offer to be nice, knowing we won't be able to make it :). Just kidding, I think it is really nice, I just wish I could go. Well, I think this has turned into a babbling session, so I am off to bed. 4 more weeks til the baby comes...One more week until the baby is full term. Suz-- we should post all the guesses on the blog--do you have them written down? I guess we should call out anyone else who would like to give a guess--sex, day, time, weight (do you do height? Am I missing anything?) So, if you wanna guess, send them on. Jenny had Jackson one day early and Christian 11 days early (although she has a bold claim they had her due date wrong.) She is due June 1st. :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

back...with no excuses

When I typed the first word of my title in, a drop down menu came--you know, the ones that anticipate what you are going to write--and it had a couple other previous titles from our blog that started with the word "back"-- like "back again," or "we are back." This is becoming a common theme I guess. It becomes a good wake up call. My journal never reminds me how long it has been since I have written in it. Maybe it should.

So, we're back. We are a month away from the new baby. Life moves on as it did before and as I anticipate it will.

We have busted out the sand and water table for the boys. It occupies a lot of their time. Christian won't even look up for a picture he loves it so much. He runs to it, and the cries hard when we take him in from it. At least he doesn't play in the dirt in the garden as much. The boy loves dirt (we found him playing in a freshly dug grave when we visited the Salt Lake Cemetary during spring break). They both like to pour the sand on the neighbor's cat. I think it is worth buying new sand for.

I like this picture. It is kind of artistic on accident. I chopped down an apple tree. I have been spending Saturdays in the backyard and garden. The tree project takes the cake, but I have been putting borders around bushes and digging up all the tree starts all over the backyard due to the fact that I never pick up the fallen fruit, and beautifying our abode. Nothing fancy. Just wanting it to be more clean cut and have more growing food.

This is Lupi. She was my student last semester and I went to her baptism this morning. It was beautiful and so is she. She beams! It was in the Tongan stake so I absolutely loved it. It was full of hugs, kisses, testimony, tears and beautiful singing! Man, they can sing! I am so happy for Lupi. Today she begins a journey she will always be happy she began. I loved today.