Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Eve

(Anyone on boot camp week might not want to read this post either)--

Ok, It is Spring Eve. I hear we are getting snow tomorrow. Yikes!

Today we tried something new...that is old. It is a Provo commonplace, but we have never been--JDawgs. We tried it for our first time today as part of our Spring celebration. If you have never had their hot dogs, I recommend them! I wouldn't say they are to die for or anything, but I will eat them more than one more time, definately. The guy who owns that little shack has a good thing going. It is small with one of two things to order, the secret sauce is brilliant and they have a load of delicious toppings. Simplicity is gold. (I think I made that up, but we are studying Proverbs in seminary right now, so...).

It is open until 8 pm for the spring and summer, so if the craving comes and you are wondering, look up my blog again. (Man! Now that guy is getting free advertising!).

Tomorrow Jenny is making some crazy food she had in Jerusalem. I think it will be appropriate :)

Aloha winter. Aloha Spring.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2 days left babu

I intended the title to say, "2 days left baby" but when I misspelled it "babu" I thought it was so funny, so I left it. (I just laughed again reading it...enjoy!)

Well, the new countdown is not to the next episode of LOST (not to say it isn't worthy of a countdown), but to the first day of spring. I am really excited about it. In fact, I told Jenny the other day we needed to have some sort of "welcome spring" party or a "adios winter" party, but we couldn't think of many things that were springy to have at a party. Jenny suggested bunnies and chickens, but I don't know about that...

Today, Keyshawn, this brother I work with, answered all of my spring needs. We were on an errand together and we stopped by Shirley's bakery in Provo, and he bought a load of rasberry sweet rolls with vanilla frosting for the faculty. I asked to occasion, and he said--"First day of Spring brother, the Persian New Year" (He is Persian). I was so happy about it. I have decided to be an adopted Persian for the week so I can celebrate the coming of spring. He told me all sorts of Persian activities he did growing up for the spring new year like: getting new clothes, getting new crisp money, eating white fish (nothing new about that, just nice) and other stuffs.

So, this week, we are celebrating spring!
Monday--new suit and clothes for the boys (sorry Jenny)
Tuesday--new food (new indian restaraunt in provo--maybe that is where babu came from)

If you have any ideas, pass them on, yo.

p.s. Jack just went poo in the potty. That might gross out the world, but I don't care because I am so excited! Hallelujah!

Monday, March 17, 2008

for holly and dave...

Everyone else may enjoy this as well, but I was talking to holly and dave about salmon recipes yesterday and this is one we tried tonight that you might like.

bread crumbs (we included flax seed)
lemon zest
olive oil
(this all makes the crust)

The original recipe called for brushing on dijon mustard on the salmon before adding the crust, but we didn't have any, so I brushed on a wasabi, soy sauce, lemon sauce that I invented.

Crust it, cook it (425, 15-18 min), eat it.

We were impressed by it. It was actually pretty good. Try it if you dare and let us know :)

p.s. you grind up the incredients to make the crust and the original recipe called for walnuts, but we didn't have those either so...

p.p.s. To everyone--Happy St. Patricks Day, Happy Birthday Christian, Happy Birthday Allan.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the winner is...Josh

Ok Josh I think you were closest to the name of the virus from Mission Impossible II. It is the Chimera virus. Now we can say the line properly. "I've been injected by the Chimera virus." (Note to all: There is no force field that will protect you from this deadly disease.) Ok, if you are reading this and you have no idea what is going on, move on with your life. This is one of those "had to be there" moments and posts.

But for those who tortured themselves reading the madness, I'll give you one new funny thing about Jackson.

When we say our prayers at night he has gotten on this new thing where Nana says the prayer. (Nana is his lion). So Jackson folds his arms and helps him through the prayer in his Nana voice--which sounds a lot like his baby voice. Tonight he has expanded the spirituality in the house to other toys. The helicopter folded its arms? and the plane said the prayer. It was a good one.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

one wrong, one right...leaves me even

I really do have a lot of right going on in my life today, but the title "3 rights, one worng...leaves me even" wasn't very catchy. Although (and lets begin with the bad news) the wrong is a very big wrong-- it is snowing in spring. It really isn't bothering me that much to be honest with you. But coming from Texas to the snow makes it worse. This brings me to my right(s).
Jenny and the boys are home. Yahoo! Along with that came a key lime cheesecake I bought from Costco as a welcome home gift for Jenny. (word to the wise--get it! It is amazing!) I also bought the odwalla fruit drink at Costco which deserves a blog on its own because it is tasty and nutritious. So, I am definately in the positive as unhappy as I am about the snow.

p.s. I am still wearing flip flops. I ran into Rhondo Fehlberg at Costco and he looked down at my feet and said, "Flip Flops? In the snow?" "Yes sir," I said. He replied, "Seems like a Butler thing to do." I didn't know our fmaily had that reputation, but I love having it none the less. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I know it sounds like a lonely and sad title for a blog, but it is true. Keep reading though, there is a lot of happiness coming...
I'll start with the alone part. Ready? I am alone. Jenny and the boys are in Texas still with some of my family, swimming, eating, swimming, eating. What a life.
I was bored enough today to garden. I kind of liked it. I usually listen to my Ipod, but a few
times I turned it off because I wanted to hear "outside." I feel like everyone is cooped up all
winter long and it was refreshing to be outside.
Texas outside was much more pleasant. And the food was nothing short of divine! We ate at
my favorite places. I have a happy belly and heart.
We all surprised my Mom for her 50th birthday this last weekend. Some came back for work and school and others stayed for more rays. The weather was nice, the hanging out was brilliant and did I mention the food.
I love my mom and dad. Happy 50th again to Mom. I hope you make it to 100. (If you do, you should run a marathon. I saw this guy from the UK who is 103 running a marathon in the coming months. amazing. You could do it!)
Thanks for spoiling us down there.
I mentioned gardening, but let me toot my horn. I pulled out all of the oregon grape spikey bushes from out in front of the house. I don't know what hit me. I have thought they were
hideous for years. Now they are gone and Jenny has ordered a potentially beautiful flower garden for out front. It is a shade garden. I am excited.
Speaking of flowers, the crocuts (I am not sure how to pronounce or spell the name of the flower) have arrived. They are small and purple and my neighboor tells me they are the first flower of spring. Yahoo!
Ok, no pictures, so I better sign off. Before I go... Ten things I loved about my trip to Texas:

1. Texas-- I just love being there
2. Taste of Texas- New York Strip, Medium, garlic
3. Pappasitos
4. Shipleys Donuts and Kolaches-- I am dreaming about them tonight.
5. Whole Foods Market (maybe this desrves a post of its own, soon)
6. Surprising Mom for her birthday (and making fun tombstones for the lawn)
7. Watching Mom play tennis
8. Swimming with Jack and Chunky
9. Rodeo--Rascal Flatts concert-- awesome as it sounds!
10. Blue Bell fudge bars-- it was the last thing I ate. I hesitated brushing my teeth...

Y'all come back now, ya hear?!