Monday, March 08, 2010

welcome home little girl

doctor: david
hard worker: jenny
arriving too early: baby
arriving too late: paramedics
semi-helpful on the phone: 911 lady
shocked arrival before paramedics: mom
umbilical cord clamp: nike shoelace

Scene 1
at christy's house
jenny: i am having contractions
all the girls: (giddy with stopwatches) ya!
david: dang...i wanted it during school.

Scene 2
at home...on the bed
jenny: (having contractions) i wonder when we should go in...
david: should i page the midwife?
jenny: sure
midwife: how are you?
jenny: good...i think it will be tonight.
midwife: great, well why don't you get in a hot tub and relax.

Scene 3
in our bathroom, 20 minutes later
jenny: I feel nauseous
david: ok, I will call my mom to come be with the kids
kids: zzzzzzzzz
jenny: ok, good.
david: (calls mom and midwife)
jenny: ....
david: ok, lets go.
jenny: we are not going anywhere.
david: yes we are..come on.
jenny: i need to sit. i need to push.
david: jenny--do...not...push
(david dials 9-1-1)
semi-helpful 911 lady: 911, what's your emergency?
david: hi--my wife is in labor at home and we are having the baby.
911: what is your address?
jenny: david, i just caught the head.
(david then catches baby's body and pulls her out)
david: ma'am, i am holding my my my bathroom--in-credible.
911: is she breathing? how is mom?
baby: crying (the only of our 4 to cry at birth).
mom: (totally fine facial expression as if she delivers babies at home all the time).
david: they are both fabulous.
kids: zzzzzzz

Scene 4
enter mom--cue crying
enter police--cue semi awkwardness
enter 52 paramedics-- cue "grateful we don't have to deliver a baby" feelings
enter awesome neighbors
exit jenny and baby in ambulance
exit david following behind-- wondering what our ambulance coverage is... (just kidding, kinda)

Scene 4
at the hospital--with a new healthy baby, an amazing momma, and 3 ecstatic siblings


Shara said...

hahahah I was laughing SO hard. You guys are awesome. Way to go Jenny. Great story telling. I felt as if I was there watching awkwardly too :)Can't wait to meet her!

Scott and Wendy said...

Congrats!!! that is awesome! Super scary though. i'm glad everything went well though!

The Farrell Family said...

Oh my gosh. I am dying. I think I would have had a massive panic attack, but I can totally see you there all calm Jenny. You are superwoman! What a great story. Congratulations you guys!

Tara said...

What a story! Glad everything turned out okay! Wow! Jenny, you are amazing! Okay, and David, so are did catch the baby!!! Name???

Brandon and Tina Goss said...

Crazy!!! That is an incredible way to come into this world...she will always have a good 2 truths and a lie story! Glad everyone is doing well(Jenny you are an amazing woman!) Can't wait to hear what name you pick :)

Hanna said...

O my goodness!!!!!!!! What are you going to name her!!!


annie said...

i love everything about this story. Jenny is a rockstar.
congratulations on baby girl. if you're in need of a name, might i suggest Ophelia...

emilyy said...

Jenny that is amazing!!!.... you are amazing! Congrats on the baby, glad all involved are doing well :)

Cardwell said...

A...mazing!! You guys are neighborhood rock stars with a story like that! I heard from Kiley and Mike on Sunday (their version). So glad to hear that everyone is fine and doing well. She is so beautiful and LOVE her name. We'll come see you guys soon and bring dinner or whatever you need. Congratulations!!!

Angie Ora said...

AHH hahaha. I love it! Ajay and I love the story of Elle's birth!! What an exciting/crazy story. Way to go both of you. We can't wait to see her in real life.

Lynn Pack said...

Congratulations to you ALL! Wow what an entrance. Shara told me I HAD to read you blog- great job! Our love to all. Love, Janice PS Shes' beautiful!

Holly said...

jenny - you are my ultimate heroine.

david - nice job keeping your cool. maybe if the seminary teacher gig doesn't pan out, you can be a midwife.

baby elle - i love your name and can't wait to meet you.

Ben, Telia, Aeden and Eliza said...

Congratulations!!! YOu are INCREDIBLE!! Great job and she is just beautiful!! What an amazing story.

Rachel said...

Amazing story! Way to go you guys! I can't even imagine, does she usually have an epidural? My last one was natural and it was about the worst experience of my life.
Congratulations, I can't wait to meet her!

maryatkinson said...

Congratulations!!! We are glad she is here safe and sound. Thanks for sending your blog and letting us read your fun exciting and scary story. We love you and so happy for your family. Aunt Mary

Julie said...

Oh my goodness you guys crack me up! First of all CONGRATS! Elle was the name I was thinking of until we found out we are having a boy! So glad it all worked out! She is gorgeous!! I can't believe that you guys have four kids already, it's great!!! Thinking of you and your motley crew!!!

wow mom said...

Jenny, you are my HERO!!!! Dave, you are AWESOME, way to go!!!! Congratulations to a totally adorable and wonderful family!!!

Denice said...

so fun! im glad everything is fine with new baby elle. welcome to the club ;)

Summer's World said...

SHUT! UP! HOLY CRAP! NO WAY!!!! That's the best story EVER and I'm so glad it was such a happy ending. I want details in person soon!!! Loves!

Mini-marathon-Mom said...

Unvelieveable!!! She is beautiful. I love the pictures that Holly posted.

Dane and Taylor said...

ha ha! That is so funny! and scary at the same time. Jenny you are amazing! And I would have thought the same thing about the insurance coverage - I may have even asked if I could just ride in my car - those rides are expensive.