Thursday, April 07, 2011

photography class assignment #1: OLD

(i know...shocking to see a post from the butlers... ha, ha. if anyone still reads this. )

So last christmas, I won a nice camera. (awesome, huh!?!) BUT i honestly have no idea how to work it -- so i decided to sign up for a free online photography class that a fabulous lady is teaching. As part of the class, we have assignments and today's theme: OLD. So here are my very first photographs:

i don't remember any of the setting i used...still learning what they even do/mean!
i think something like:

iso 400 (or maybe 800)
f 5.6

hopefully i'll be learning a lot more over the next 30 days (and probably blogging a bit more too.)


bethany said...

love that you used bananas!! and i think these look great-perfectly exposed which is exactly what you want. nice job jenny!

Dane and Taylor said...

awesome pictures! Where are you taking your class? I am dying to take a photography class and just got a new camera too!

Wynn Anne said...

David - love the pix.

Dane and Taylor (not sure which one of you asked the question!) visit Beth V photography at this link for the free class: