Thursday, April 21, 2011

photography class assignment #5: QUIET

the only time my house is ever quiet is when everyone is asleep...i tried to sneak into rooms before they woke up. no such luck with this one being asleep, but she was just waking up and was very quiet... didn't move at all!

i was shocked that i was able to take a picture of jack sleeping. he is usually wide awake if he hears anyone breath. but we had been up late the night before and he just snoozed away as i tried to get pictures from different angles. it was fun playing with the different settings - still pretty dark in the bedrooms so i was using an iso of 1600. but i do like the light shining in the window behind jack. oh the joys of sleep - too bad kids don't ever realize how great sleeping in can be until it's too late.

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