Thursday, April 21, 2011

little miss elle turned 1

ok so while i'm waiting for the sun to come out to finish a few more photos for my class...i'll throw a few pictures in from elle's birthday party. i know this is over a month late, but THANK YOU to all who came. i really can not believe she is so old! we almost celebrated in the bathroom just for fun... :)

for dessert - cookies and milk
for games - guess the amount of candy in the jars and guess elle's age (in months)

some of the guests... we were lucky to have grammy and papa and g and pompom in town

elle and her birthday cake...

elle and her birthday cake without the fondant elephants - much better :)

elle and the family


Stephers said...

Holy moly, it's been a YEAR already? Happy Birthday!

Shara said...

I cannot believe she is 1 already! When are we getting together!

Aaron and Jessie said...

Yes finally you posted these pictures! It all turned out so cute. I love the games you had and those cute big pictures of her. so cute! The elephant cake was super fancy and cute. Seriously we need to have an excuse for a party when I come out so you can share all your cute party ideas. Hey and who is taking the photography class, you or David? I was thinking it was David this whole time, but is it you Jenn?