Sunday, April 10, 2011

photography class assignment #3: IN

So this next assignment's theme was IN....i had a hard time deciding what to take a picture of so i just walked around the house taking random pics of anything. this first picture is funny because the sippy cup on the floor is not IN focus but the blanket in the background does seem to be IN focus. i didn't know i could do that! ha, ha...i need to practice!

and of course the next photo wins because it is a picture of an IN-n-out hat. works, right? I tried to keep the IN in focus, but i obviously got more of the palm trees :) This one was hard for me to find the good balance point. i think i had to make my shutter speed really fast for some reason. and the back ground is totally black. i really need to practice these INside photos some more!
iso400 f4.5 1/800

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bethany said...

it's all about practicing. love that you used the in and out hat :) does your camera have a setting that allows you to choose where the focus point is? we're actually having a "lesson" about that on wednesday's email, but you could look it up in your manual to see if that's possible. then you can adjust manually where in the photo your focus is.